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What is this wbinar about?

This webinar will provide you knowledge about the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish online consumers.

Local experts will guide you on how to best adapt to the Nordic online shopping behavior and consumer preferences. It builds upon insights from the report Nordic E-commerce 2017- a report based on 7000 consumer interviews and data from thousands of webshops in the Nordic region.


Part 1: Get to know the Nordic consumers

To tailor your offerings you need to get to know and understand your customers first. There are significant differences when comparing consumers in the Nordic region.

This webinar will give you facts, tips and advice on:

  • Market size and growth 
  • Online consumers in Norway, Sweden & Denmark. What is significant for different age segments and family situations? In what ways are the Nordic neighbors alike, and different? 
  • Why do consumers shop online and what are the reasons for cancelling a purchase 
  • Online payment methods - favorites and must haves in the different countries



  • Most used and preferred payment methods
  • Mobile payments you need to know about 
  • Simple, fast or secure? 

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